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Malacca Day 2e - Supper at Dirty Lane and Pak Putra

Free and Easy Malacca - Day 2 Itinerary

1) Dim Sum at Ban Hong Xiang Tea House
2) Baba Charlie for Nonya Kuehs and snack
3) Sightseeing - Heritage Trial
4) Dessert at Nadeje
5) Dinner at Aunty Lee
6) Cockles at dirty lane
7) Supper at Pak Putra

Malacca is a small town, what activity is better than food hunt at night :)

Cockles at Dirty Lane 

We had been to this dirty lane in our last visit to Malacca, but we gave up as we were quite full and a bit worried about the hygiene level after observing the environment.  However, few friends who had tried the stall urged us to give it a try and assured us the hygiene level with their personnel experience.

Cockles Stall in Dirty Lane

The dirty lane is next to Madam King's department store. You will need to "brave through" the dark alley before getting to the crowded stall filled with BBQ fragrance.
Walk to Cockles Stall
There is only a few items offered at the stall, the popular ones are cockles, lala, four treasures, BBQ dried sotong and Kang Kong Cuttlefish.
Menu at the stall
The ordering system was in a mess, no proper noting of orders nor sequencing. Be prepared for a real long wait if you are seated at the back lanes, away from the main cooking areas. Busy staffs will simply ignore you and the boss will give you a fierce look when you try to order or check your long outstanding orders.

Staffs busy at Work

Finally our food arrived. Cockles and lala with special dipping sauce - sticky dark sauce with peanut. The cockles were blanched only for while, thus they were quite raw as you can see from the photo.

Blanced Cockles with Special Sauce

There was a small green bucket fitted to the centre of the table where we can just chuck all the shells after we were done with the cockles and lala.

Kang Kong with Cuttlefish topped with peanuts.

Kang Kong with Cuttlefish
Four treasures - roasted tau pok, tau kee, fish ball and prawn keropok. Quite nice with the charred fragrance.
Four Treasures
 BBQ dried cuttlefish with sweet and savoury sauce.
BBQ Dried Cuttlefish

Frankly speaking, the food was nice and cheap. But definitely not good enough to overcome the bad service and long wait.

The stall is besides a drain at a dark alley, environment wasn't really of standard, I have to admit that I do have slight uncomfort and worry that lingers within me while I eat. But this eating experience in the back alley was definitely quite an memorable experience.

Cockles at Dirty Lane
Jalan Bunga Raya (besides Madam King's)
GPS: N2.199833, E102.251833
Tel: (6)016-645 8108
Business Hours: 7 - 11pm (closed on Saturday)

Supper at Pak Putra  
We continued our food hunt to Pak Putra for supper after some shopping. Pak Putra is famous for their tandoori chicken and naan. A pity that the tandoori chicken was sold out when we were there.

Pak Putra and Naan

Friendly prata man posing for the camera. Thanks for his patience while I am struggling with the camera.

The soft dough was flattened and placed onto the walls of the clay urn to bake. Once its ready, the naan is removed using some long rod with a hook at the end.

Naan in Burning Clay Urn
We ordered quite a number of bread to share - Naan, egg prata and Mutabak.  Their Mango Lassi was also quite nice.
Naan, Mango Lassi, Prata


Pak Putra
Jalan Laksamana 4, Melaka, Malaysia.
(Along the main road in Taman Laksamana)
GPS Coordinates: N2.194833 E102.243550
Tel: 012-601 5876
Business hours : daily from 6.00pm to 1.00am
                         Closed on alternate Mondays

Malacca Trail Map
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