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Malacca Day 3a - Food Trail at Jonker Street

Free and Easy Malacca - Day 3 Itinerary

1) Brunch at Chung Wah Chicken rice ball
2) Jonker 88
3) Stroll at Jonker Street
4) Shopping and Sightseeing
5) Dessert at Nadeje
6) Seafood at Muara Sungai Duyong

Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball (中华茶室@ Jonker
Chung Wah is still our favourite Chicken rice ball in Malacca. Most of the time, there is a super  long queue outside of Chung Wah coffee shop, which is situated just besides the San Shu Gong retail shop. To beat the crowd, we decided to go for brunch on a Monday morning. Glad that we can get a seat without queuing.

Chung Wah Chicken Ball

There were quite a number of chicken prepared and ready to be chopped up to be served to the customers.

Chicken Rice Boss and his Chickens

That was one whole chicken which cost RM30.  The chicken was rather tender (but do not expect the same standard as Boon Tong Kee) and with kampong flavours.  Should have ordered half chicken without the breast meat or only the thigh area to avoid the rather dry breast meat.

Hainanese Chicken

The chicken rice balls were nice, soft and flavourful, touted to be the best in Malacca. It came in 5 pieces per plate.

Chicken Rice Ball

Chilli was nice too. It is not that spicy and goes well with the rice ball and chicken.

Kedai Kopi Chung Wah
Lorong Hang Jebat
(Opposite San Shu Gong)
GPS: N2.194833, E102.247167
Tel: 06-2849660
Business Hours: Daily 7.30am to about 3pm (or sold out)

Jonker 88 @ Jonker  

Jonker 88, a restaurant with nostalgic ambience and good food - must visit in Jonker Street!

Dining Area
The name came from their address - 88, Jonker Street. 8 is an auspicious number for Chinese, double 8 is definitely good "Feng Shui" for business.
Jonker 88

Loved the quiet, nostalgic ambience at the dining hall. The olden house layout, staircase, antiques, lanterns and wall hangings give us a good peep to how life was in the olden days.
Nostalgic Ambience
You order and pay for the food at the store front, which is where the food is prepared as well. As seats are limited, you may want to get someone to grab a seat inside while you are queuing for the food.
Food Preparation
The must try are their Laksa, you can choose between Nonya Asam Laksa which is soury spicy or the Baba Laksa with coconut milk, a version which we are more familiar with. Can't decide which to have? Just grab someone to share with you like what we did.  Isn't that the interesting part of gastronomic tours :)

Nonya Asam Laksa
RM 5+
Baba Laksa
RM 5+
For our no-chilli dinners, we ordered the fried dumpling with home-made noodles.
Fired dumpling Noodles

Definitely we will not leave Jonker88 without trying their famous Chendol with gula Melacca.  Think this is one of the best chendol in Malacca. For those who prefer alternative to Chendol, there is quite a number of variety available as well. We didn't ordered their Durian Chendol this time round as we are kind of heaty with overload of durian last two days.

Chendol with Gula Melaka

Jonker 88
88, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street)

Tel : 606-2868786

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