Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bali - Day 2 - Breakfast at Best Western

The dining area was quite small and it was very crowded during breakfast hours.

Didn't expect much for the breakfast, but was pleasantly surprised by the simple yet tasty porridge and fried bee hoon.

The porridge/cooked rice was separated from the broth. You can decide the thickness of your porridge by adjusting the ratio of porridge and broth.  The tasty broth is similar to the soup base of Mee Soto, loved it with some shredded chicken, shallots and lots of green onions and parsley.

As part of an international breakfast buffet, they do have a small selection of bread and pastry.  Sunny side up and omelette were available as well, order early as it will be quite a wait.

Western Selection

Salad, cereals were available as well. We preferred their local asian selection, in particular their beef sausages and fried bee hoon.

Asian Selection
The beef sausage and fried bee-hoon on the first day was really yummy.  Simple but fragrant beef sausages and nice local Malay delicacy Bee-Hoon Goreng.

Beef Sausage & Fried Bee Hoon

However, the standard wasn't consistent, the Mee Goreng and sausage on the next day somehow just can't match what we had the first day.  Luckily the porridge was still as nice.

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