Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bali - Day 3

Free and Easy Bali - Day 3 Itinerary 

1) Kuta Beach
2) Transfer to Nusa Dua Villa
3) Romantic Dinner at Villa
4) Complimentary Massage at Hotel

Rest and relax day.  Spend the morning strolling at Legian and the long stretch of nice sandy Kuta beach.  Swiming is not allowed here, area is only for surfing.

Kuta Beach
Besides surf boards, the shops also offer beach chairs and umbrellas for rental. Nice to see various offerings the shop owners placed on the beach.

We bought a deal from Juz Today at S$499 for 3D2N  Nusa Dua Retreat Boutique Villa Resort with complimentary 2 hour spa treatment, 12 hours car charter with driver and romantic dinner for 2.

It was quite nice of them to agree to pick us up from Best Western, Kuta, in replacement of airport transfer. The villa was quite remote, we would have been lost if we are to take taxi there ourselves. However, the driver was late for at least 30-40min!

On the way, saw those school kids riding motorbikes in their uniform again.  According to the previous guide, students under 16 years are allowed ride motorbike to/from school as long as they are wearing their uniform.
Street View
Under-aged students riding motorbike
Cart Stall
Truck transporting chickens

Cold towels and welcome drinks are offered when we arrived.  We waited for quite a well before they have time to service us.  Service could have been better if they could help with the arrangement of the dinner and transport during check-in instead of asking as to contact the restaurant directly and chartered service person-in-charge Rucky ourselves. Well, at least they help us to call Rucky to call us back to arrange our car chartered for the next day. Else we will incur unnecessary phone charges.
Reception Area

The European style villa was really spacious and nice. The decor and furnishing seems lavish - marble floors, European style furnishings and large paintings.  There are 3 large flat screen TVs, one in the living room, bedroom and bathroom.
Living Room

Nice cozy setting in the bedroom with a contemporary crystal chandeliers. The bed was larger than King size, very comfortable.

Bathroom was really spacious, a tub to enjoy a soak bath while watching programme from the mounted TV, a big shower room with big rainy shower head and small bottles of aqua water at the basin for you to rinse your mouth. Appreciated the privacy of the toilet at a corner behind the a tiled half-height wall.

There is a open kitchen cum dining room but you cannot do any cooking as there is no utensil nor gas, but only 2 cups, 2 set of cutlery and a microwave.  There is a water dispenser providing drinkable hot and cool water.
Dining Room

The private pool was surrounded by large transparent windows. The pool was connected to the dining room, separated only by sliding door. It was a bit too deep if you just want a dip. It does not have filtering system thus there were some dirt and dust in the water, not perfect but it was still quite ok for a swim.
Private Pool

The roof top open air deck was my favourite!  You can relax in the comfort of the huge nice sheltered day bed and enjoy the slight breeze, beautiful dusk and starry night skies. The villas are actually very near to each other, we were lucky that we can still enjoy some privacy there as there isn't much occupants then.
Sun Deck
Relax on Day Bed
There is complimentary tea break daily from 3-5pm.  The serving staff will bring some pastries and help to prepare tea at the villa. Nothing much but nice gesture from the villa.

Complimentary Tea Break

Romantic dinner at the roof deck. Was a bit disappointed that the dinner was not cooked in the villa but cooked at the restaurant kitchen and deliver to the villa. They set all the 3 course on the table, including the dessert which contains ice cream. We have to take the dessert down to store in the fridge in order not to have melted ice cream.

Quiet private settings at the roof deck with nice beautiful sunset at the backdrop and occasional cooling breeze. Food was quite nice as well.

We each pick a different starter to try - Cold Kway Teow,  King Prawns with Mango.  Cold Kway Teow was so-so, a rather unsuccessful asian-western fusion. It has neither the charred fried fragrant of typical asian fried dishes nor the light refreshing or creamy flavour of western cold dish.
Cold Kway Teow
Raing: 3/5
Their King Prawns with Mango was quite nice.  Green salad with fresh prawn and sweet mango which  complement the sauce which has a tinge of sourness.
King Prawn with Mango
Rating: 3.75/4

Main course was pan-fried fish, which is quite nice as well. The mash and fish were quite nice, the diluted sauce was still quite ok.

Pan Fried Fish
Rating: 3.75/5

Dessert - panna cotta with raspberry ice cream with bread croutons.  The slightly sour raspberry ice cream moderated the milky rich panna cotta.
Panna Cotta with Raspberry Ice Cream
Rating: 3.5/5

With the beautiful scenery and tranquil setting, somehow the food just seems to taste much better.

Everything was nice until the sky starts to turn dark.  We had difficulty getting the lights on the roof deck. We wasted quite a while waiting for their technician to try to get it fixed, seeing a few technicians walking in and out of the villa, up and down the roof deck. After an hour of hassle, we lost our patience and demand for a change of villa.

They shifted us to the villa next door. Although the villa should be quite similar, however, just find that  I still like the previous villa more.

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