Friday, 23 March 2012

Bali - Day 4 Dinner at Jimbaran

Dinner at Jimbaran

It was a magnificent sunset dinner at Jimbaran!

Be sure to reach there before sunset as that is the main attraction of Jimbaran. We had lots of fun at the beach, snapping photos of the scenery, watching the kids playing at the beach, locals fishing and diners enjoying the sunset. 
Sunset at Jimbaran
Orange Red Sunset

Instead of letting the driver recommend the restaurant, we did some homework and directed him to bring us to Lia Cafe. Lia Cafe was right at the end of the beach, the second last from the end. 
Try to avoid getting someone to make reservation for you or let your driver decide your restaurant as they will usually take a cut and the menu you've will be more expensive tourist version.

We did tried asking for the local menu, although not so sure if we had it.  The price was quite ok.  We ordered the Package B at Rp. 260K (S$36) which includes crab, fish, prawn and clams and comes with drinks, salad and rice.  It was kind of them to allow us to change one of the soft drink to coconut.

An amazing dining experience under the colourful skies and bright orange sunset with table and chairs on the beautiful beach and your toes wiggling in the sand. 

There was a singing band going around the restaurant to offer their singing to dinners. Fantastic ambience for alfresco dinning at the beach.

Singing Band
Not sure why it took the restaurant a very long time after the sunset before dinner was served. Well, we didn't mind the delay too much as we were enjoying the ambience.

The package B was great except for the crab, which doesn't taste that fresh. The clams was simply yummy - charred fresh clams with spicy sambal chilli.  The fish was fresh and we loved the nicely charred grilled flavourful taste.  The prawns was quite nice as well.

Overall, the food was quite satisfying and the dinner memorable.

Package B
Colourful Evening Skies

Lia Cafe
Jl Pemelisan Agung
 Bali, Indonesia

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